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Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy of our customers is our top priority, all other obligations come second. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy. Our website exists because we desperately want to create a reliable environment for you. Our goal is to build a website where you can browse and shop without encountering any barriers or worries about privacy.
A group of highly skilled professionals at Jacket ware will ensure that no personal information is disclosed by us by putting new security ideas into action.


Why Is It Important To Collect Buyer Information?

When making an online purchase, you must provide certain personal information in order for the product to be delivered to your home. Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Account Information, and Residential Address are among those details. Our staff will use those details to verify your order and identity before providing you with the highest-quality product.


Where Do We Use The Customer Details?

We use your information under a few different circumstances. For example, we use it to verify the order for which we sent you an email, so we need your email address. We require your residential address in order to deliver your product to your home. We need your phone number so we can contact you in the case that there is a delivery issue. In addition, we must have your phone number above all else.


Do We Still Need To Log In To Your Website Even If You Aren’t Shopping?

No, you are not required to log in or provide any information if you are simply browsing the website without making any purchases and learning about the newest trends directly from the source. You can easily stay up to date on new concepts and fashion trends by conducting a thorough search across the entire website.


Do We Use Cookies?

We do use cookies, but only with your permission. When you click on the accepted option that pops up with a message on your screen, our website begins to collect cookies. We won’t be able to track your activities or gather cookies until you click on that, at which point we will begin collecting them.


What Are Cookies? For What Reason Do We Collect Them?

The text chunks known as cookies are sent to your browser by websites you visit. Any website that gathers cookies uses them to improve your experience on the site. They monitor your behavior and, with the aid of the information they gather, deliver faster and more accurate search results.


Does Your Data Have Security?

Indeed, it is fully protected. In the cases where technology evaluations have given us access to data, we have also been able to protect it by enforcing security protocols and using codes. Our team has created a website that secures your personal information so that no one can access it.
The majority of clients are worried about how the transaction will be handled. They raise doubts about the security of their transaction. Let us remind you that the Secure Server Layer (SSL) protects both your transaction and the information you enter to complete it. Any data you submit is converted into the payment gateway provider’s database and sent over this Secure Server Layer (SSL).


What Information Do We Keep Within Even After The Delivery Is Completed?

We save some of your information, such as your name, email address, and past product purchases, after the delivery of your order is completed successfully. We also use this to notify you of any new discounts, sales, and promotions that are available on our website. In order to give you gift cards and voucher codes so you can receive even more special discounts, we also use your email address.


Protection Policy For Underage Children

Children love gadgets of all kinds, but they particularly adore phones and tablets. They find it fascinating to watch parents shop online and scroll through adorable content, so they try to follow suit. This causes problems, or occasionally it takes the form of large payments to parents. Therefore, we have put the Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA) into effect to protect parents’ financial information. Therefore, no child under the age of 13 may place an order, and the information they provide will not be accepted by our servers’ methods.


Shipping And Delivery Policy

No matter how many products are bought, shipping is always free for all countries. We make sure that our customers receive the required item as soon as possible at Jacketware.com. Actually, it’s that easy. But instead of keeping a lot of inventory, we use fresh material to produce the items offered here because they are Make-to-Order or Pre-Sale items. The bulk of our items are manufactured in response to online orders from customers, and we keep a selection of our best-selling and most popular designs in stock at our warehouses. Of course, it has no impact on delivery times because the majority of the patterns are pre-made, and unless the customer places a custom order, it takes us 4-5 working days to fabricate a jacket.


What Is The Estimated Time Of Delivery For Your Package?

We make every effort to provide you with the best services possible. Thus, we will undoubtedly design the ideal clothing for you in the style you desire. Additionally, the delivery time depends on the level of product customization you have done. Generally, for products that you have ordered without any customization or with some minor customization, we deliver the package within 10 to 12 working days. Please note that if the order requires significant customization, it will take about 12 to 15 working days to complete.
Apart from this, you will obviously have to pay a little bit extra for expedited shipping. Regardless of the level of customization, your order will be delivered to you in 6 to 7 working days if you choose expedited shipping.


How To Track Your Order?

The tracking ID or number that the courier company gives us when we ship your product from our end is what we provide to the customer. You can quickly locate your product and stay informed by searching for it.
We want you to contact the courier company as soon as you have that tracking ID or number. Please get in touch with the courier service if you have any trouble tracking or discover that your order has been put on hold for any reason.
In the event that you are not home when the delivery boy from the courier service arrives at your location. Please let him know that you won’t be available right away. Otherwise, they have the right to dispose of your package if he has repeated failures; we won’t be held accountable for that.
We kindly ask that you follow the instructions and contact the courier service company after getting the tracking ID or number to avoid any inconvenience.


Which Courier Service Provider Do We Use?

We use the courier services of trustworthy global companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Sky-net. We take extra care. When creating your product, so we don’t want it damaged in any way. For this reason, we use reputable international companies to deliver your package to your door with precision.
We do not deliver your package using the APO, FPO, or PO Box services’ facilities due to security concerns and to minimize any inconvenience.


Taxes And Duties On Imported Items

The amount of duties and taxes that different countries impose on imported items varies. Jacket ware offers free shipping to all of our highly valued customers worldwide; however, we are not responsible for paying any import taxes associated with the items you ship. Delivery Duty Unpaid, or DDU, is the basis for all of our orders, which specify that any additional costs associated with the product, such as import duties and customs fees, are the responsibility of the customer.


What Happens If The Package Arrives Damaged Or Incorrect?

We always guarantee to provide our clients all over the world with the highest quality and correct package. However, if, once in a blue moon, you find yourself in a situation where you received an incorrect or damaged shipment, you can get that exchanged or, if you’d rather, return it by using our return, refund, and exchange policy. We offer a period of 30 days for returns, refunds, and exchanges. Please contact our customer service department as soon as you can within the allotted 30-day period if you would like to avail that. For once this time limit has passed, we will be unable to handle any of your concerns.

However, before deciding to use the policy’s services, please read it over and take note of a few basic rules: you cannot wash, remove the tag from, alter, or misuse the product. It is not possible to exchange, return, or get a refund for your product if you have followed any of the above instructions.


Which Basic Points Should You Remember While Placing The Order?

• It will help you avoid any inconvenience if you double-check the information you entered before pressing the next button when placing the order.
• We might deliver the non-customized item before the customized item if you order two products, one of which is customized and it requires more time than non-customized.
• If you would like to change the address after the product has been shipped, we apologize, but we are unable to do so once the product has been shipped.
• Please be aware that there are additional costs associated with remote areas that customers must pay. It costs about $25 to ship there from us.


Contact Details

If you have any additional questions,

You can reach our customer care department directly at Sale@jacketware.com