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Returns And Refund Policy

We provide a simple, 30-day return policy with easy refund and exchange options. If the product’s color changes, you receive a defective package, or you receive a different package than what you ordered, you can contact our customer service department directly in these and other situations.


Who Is Eligible For Return Policy?

Anyone with questions or concerns about a package they received is accepted to apply. They can all take advantage of this facility, regardless of whether they have concerns about the design, size, or color.
The main issue we have encountered in this area is related to size because every body type has a different measurement. We also run into this problem as a result of this issue. So, how can this be resolved? For you to protect yourself from this problem, we have two excellent options. Please take great care when placing your order to ensure that the measurements and size details you are ordering are correct. Secondly, don’t worry and think about customizing if you’re having trouble selecting the correct size for your body type. Yes, using that to customize any jacket is possible. If the client choose the incorrect size when placing the order. There will be no returns accepted for jacket ware. However, clients may exchange an item and just need to pay for the cost of shipping for replacement.


Terms And Conditions Of Return Policy

• For thirty days, you are able to make use of our refund, exchange, and return policies.
• You will not be able to use our return policy after the tag is removed.
• This offer will be considered to have expired for you if you take longer than 30 days.
• Please do not wash the package if you intend to return or exchange it.
• Keep in mind that we won’t be able to accept the return if it isn’t in its original condition.
• The product cannot be exchanged or returned once it has been used.
• The product should be in exact same condition as when you received it. Otherwise, it won’t be taken into account or given back.
• If there are any cuts on your product, we won’t be able to fulfill your request for our return policy.
• You cannot use the return policy if you made any changes on your own after receiving the package.
• Please be aware that your customized attire isn’t included by the return policy.
• Please be aware that you are responsible for paying the shipping costs if you decide to apply for this return policy and believe you qualify.
• Please use the courier service, which will provide you a tracking ID or number, to return the package. And please provide our customer support with the tracking ID or number you received from your courier service.
• You are responsible for paying for the return of the package you received, and you must send it back to the same warehouse.
• Last but not least, kindly ensure that the package is free of stains; if it is, you will not be allowed to utilize our return policy.


Exchange Policy

Please send an email to Sale@jacketware.com to initiate an exchange request if you are experiencing problems with any of the following: size, color, or you may have received a different product and now wish to exchange it. A valid and accurate explanation of the exchange must be included in the email. Your guide through the remainder of the exchange process will be provided by our customer support agents. It will be necessary for you to return the product to us as soon as your exchange is accepted. We will send you the exchange within the following 15 working days after our inspection team examines the returned package and determines that the product is accurate.


Terms And Conditions Of Exchange Policy

• If you intend to return a product, make sure it is in its original packaging.
• In the application, you should provide an accurate and reasons for the exchange.
• If you realize that the product you received is different from the picture that was mentioned on our website, or if the color or size has changed, you can easily get a change.
• The cost of returning the item to us that you intend to exchange on your own is your responsibility.
• It is required that you return the product to the same warehouse where you originally obtained it.
• You must return the package you received to us in order to continue the process. If you would like to return an incorrect product to us for exchange, please use a trackable courier service. They will give you a tracking ID or number; please provide it to our customer support team.
• You will receive a replacement product within 15 business days.
• There will be no charge for the exchange. On the other hand, you only have to pay the customs fees.
• Custom parcels are not exchanged by us.


Procedure For Returns & Exchanges

Email Sale@jacketware.com with your request to return or exchange a product. We will email you to let you know that we have received your returned item after it has been received and inspected. We are here to help you, so please contact our customer support team at Sale@jacketware.com if you do not receive any emails. Our customer service department will reply in a day


Steps For Completing The Procedure For Returns & Exchanges

• Take images of the item you just received.
• Send an email outlining your well-reasoned decision to carry out the return or exchange process.
• Send an email with the product’s picture attached Sale@jacketware.com
• That email will undoubtedly receive a response from our customer service team within the next 24 hours. They will also provide you with their return address.
• After that, you will be responsible for paying for and using a trackable courier service to return the item to us. You are instructed to provide our customer service agent with the tracking ID or number that you obtained from the courier service.
• We’ll send you an email as soon as we receive the product.
• You won’t be eligible for the policy if the product we receive isn’t in its best original condition.
• If you successfully complete all inspection steps and declare a return, our accounts department will handle the refund process. Our finance department will process it within three working days. In 5–14 banking days, you will receive your money back. For certain banks, the amount refunded to your account might take longer than 14 days.


Refund Policy

Please contact our customer service department if there is a problem with the package you received for any reason. This could include problems with size or color, or it could be that you did not receive the product, it is defective, or it is not what was advertised or displayed on our website. Within a day, one of our customer service agents will reply to your message. Following our customer service representatives’ confirmation, you will be eligible for the refund policy.


Refund Policy Terms & Conditions

• Buyers will receive their money back using the same payment method that they used to purchase the item.
• Our team will process the refund policy from our accounts department within three business working days.
• Your money will then be returned to you within 5 to 14 business working days.


Order Cancellation Policy

• If you cancel your placed order within 24 hours of making a purchase, you will receive a full refund of your money.
• If you decide to cancel your purchase within 24 hours, 30% of your payment will be deducted.
• We regret to notify you that we will deduct 50% of your paid amount if you request to cancel your order with only three days left in the shipment of your product.
• Your order cannot be canceled once it is shipped.


Payment Policy

We accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa payment methods in some areas, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also accepted. Almost all credit and debit cards are also accepted for payment. We do not accept cash-on-delivery (COD) or E-checks. PayPal and Stripe are our grateful payment partners in some areas.


Secure Payment Transaction

Our system is unable to access your MasterCard number. Once your order is complete, the only information we have only access to know your shipping and billing details.


Payment Confirmation

Immediately upon completing the order, our website will send you an email to let you know that it was placed successfully.